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We Live In Public

I consider myself a documentary buff and when I came across a documentary about the internet on Netflix Instant Watch I knew that I had to watch it immediately. Here is the synopsis:

Ondi Timoner’s documentary chronicles a decade in the life of Internet pioneer Josh Harris, who instigated an “artificial society” experiment in which more than 100 artists lived under 24-hour surveillance in an underground compound in New York City. After FEMA broke up the project, Harris turned the cameras on himself and his girlfriend. Timoner’s provocative film (winner of the Grand Jury Prize: Documentary at Sundance) includes clips from Harris’s projects as well as her own original footage.

The most interesting part about this whole documentary is that this man ,unknowingly at the time, predicted how social networking sites work today and how we use the internet as a whole. Many do indeed live in public when it comes to the internet and share the most intimate details of their life without the slightest anonymity. In my opinion its alright to share some aspects of your life but there needs to be a balance that I think my generation is slowly loosing.